Welcome to the Bell Tree Forums Wiki

Hello everyone, welcome to the Bell Tree Forums wiki. Here you will find out about the Bell Tree Forums history, the collectibles, the events, and admins.

The Bell Tree Forums is located at this link. It was founded early in 2005 by Jeremy. It stemmed from the original NSider forums run by the Nintendo Power Magazine, through a post in the Animal Crossing Board. The name came from a shop that Jeremy ran out of his house in Animal Crossing Gamecube. This also caused the name of the Bell Tree Fair: A massive sale. The original forums ran from nVision Free, via the off-topic board on NSider. Users used to have to be a member of NSider to join the Bell Tree.

The second Fair was around the time NSider shut down, which caused a massive influx of users to the Bell Tree. This also garnered a lot of support for the accityfolk Youtube channel, which helped to advertise.

Come 2008, the forum had moved to Zetaboards, and a few years later around 2011, they had moved to vBulletin after finding a way to transfer over all data.